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Unique Highly Efficient Reflector System℗

The InnoVision Dark Licht Series utilises the highest quality LED’s, reflector material, treatments and glass available worldwide. This patented break through technology produces 167 fixture lumens per watt.

The fixture efficiency of the fitting is so high, a flat glass lens seals the fitting providing a static free optical system. The much lower dust and dirt build up on the glass lens greatly improves light output of the fitting over the life of the product.

By using well-developed reflectors, the full output of the lamp is used on the surface to be illuminated. As a result, the DarkLicht series will generally achieve the same result with a lower lumen output as the competitor. In addition, the optic uses a very equal light distribution, which is divided over a square field in front of the lamp. This makes it easy to illuminate sports fields, storage areas and parking areas.

Due to the convenience of the evenly distributed square light surface and the horizontal hanging of the lamp, the DarkLicht Series will be very easy to install: Flat & Perpendicular to the field.

Unique Adjustable Hard Cut-Off℗ from 55⁰ to 70⁰

Dark Licht series has the option to simply adjust the hard cut-off. This adjustment can be easily carried out pre-installation without using professional tools.

Available hard cut-off adjustments: 57º – 60º – 63º – 67º – 70º

Simple adjustment of the reflector to change the full cut-off in the field, pre-installation. Often there are slight differences between the proposed design and what actually occurs on site during installation. For example the pole is higher, in a different location or not perfectly straight. The light distribution can, if needed be altered on site to accommodate small changes. The opportunity to supply on time and not have to order in alternative optics for the light fittings is removed and this reduces delays on the project. The reflector adjustable hard cut-off is also complimented by the mounting arm two directional screws, for minor lateral adjustment during installation.

Due to the hard cut-off at 70º, the lamp can easily tilt 10º without losing the well known term “Full Cut-Off”. At this moment there will still be no light shining up and there is not enough light in the 80-90º range. Even if the lamp were to be tilted 10º further, which amounts to 20º total, the DarkLight will still shine <2.5% light upwards.

Conclusion: The DarkLicht has no light pollution.

Unique Modular Rotating Reflectors℗

To keep the use of this lamp as universal as possible, we have designed the optics in such a way that they are rotatable. each lamp consists of eight modules, these modules are rotatable. a lamp can therefore consist of 2 left, 2 right and 4 modules shining forward

The square unique parabolic internal high performance reflector modules in the fitting can rotate in both directions by 90⁰ to completely alter the light distribution of the fitting. Subject to the lighting design the reflectors inside the fitting can be rotated to meet the specific lighting application requirements.

This unique feature provides several light distribution options in each fitting. The unique flexibility of the Dark Licht removes the requirement to order a variety of different fittings for the one project. Now with the Dark Licht, only one light fitting type is required for the whole project.

Unique Glare-Free Optic℗

In order to prevent light pollution or ‘glare’ (light that falls outside the desired distribution angle), InnoVision designed the Dark Licht series to be fully Glare-Free!

LED light sources are hidden in the back of the reflector system. Inside the field of view the actual light source is hidden back inside the parabolic reflector system. Outside the field of view the light source becomes invisible. This single feature provides lighting designers with confidence to install the Dark Licht and know the light fitting will not be visible by spectators and neighbouring properties near the lighting installation. This means there will be no complaints that the lights and LED light sources are visible from the general public, outside the facility.