Our roots and what we have established

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About Dark Licht

Dark Licht is a European Lighting Company with research and development in the Netherlands, The Dark Licht Series was established in Holland’s long history in the lighting industry. The Woelders family from Holland have been in lighting for two generations. The family has a deep understanding and commitment to the international lighting industry. The focus in 2017 was to research and design innovative European quality luminaires and manufacture them in their new world class DCBright production facility.

Core Innovation Team

Niels Woelders

Managing Director, Niels Woelders a respected research and development electronics engineer, has 15 years experience managing high volume electronic manufacturing. Niels has also been the Managing Director of DCbright since 2010. DCbright designs and manufacturers light fittings for heavy industry.

Maarten Riemer

Luminaire Design Engineer, Maarten Riemer has a degree in Engineering, Design & Innovation and worked closely with Niels Woelders to establish DCbright and is now dedicated to the exciting innovative products emerging from Dark Licht.