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Product Specifications

Conventional LED Lighting

Spill light that is visible on properties close to the sporting facility

Glare in the eyes of players and spectators

One of the biggest problems with conventional lighting is that they are often mounted on an angle facing out towards the players and spectators. When looking straight forward this can impair vision and create blind spots in the eyes of players and spectators during the game.

Low Efficiency

Conventional full forward facing flood lights push light well outside the sports field and into the sky. This means 30% of the light can be wasted completely resulting in additional light fittings being required to illuminate the sports field.

Poor Light Uniformity

Conventional lighting can also create light and dark sections over the sports field. These higher and lower light levels make the ground look uneven when the ground is actually flat. Poor light uniformity makes it more difficult for players on the field and reduces visibility for spectators.

Spill Light on Neighbouring Properties

Conventional lighting not only illuminates the field, but also the area and the housing around the sports club. This generally does not comply with illumination standards and often leads to formal complaints to the sports club and the local Government.

Creating Sky Glow

Due to the mounting angle of conventional lighting the shines upwards towards the sky, creating a sky glow. Sky glow is not accepted in many counties. It is simply light pollution.

Dark Licht

No spill light from the Dark Licht on the properties close to the sporting facility.

Cutoff for Players and Supporters

The Dark Licht is a highly efficient flood light that faces towards the ground and pushes light forward. The powerful light sources cannot be seen outside the area being illuminated.

Highly efficient

The Dark Licht saves energy because there is no wasted light spilling outside the football field.

High Uniformity

The Dark Licht has a precisely designed reflector system that distributes the light evenly over the football field.

Completely in the Dark

The Dark Licht cuts light off so precisely neighbours close by are unable to see the light sources from their properties.

Creating Dark Skies

The Dark Licht has no stray light going upwards towards the sky.

Dark Licht

No spill light from the Dark Licht on the properties close to the sporting facility.

Compared to

Conventional LED Lighting

Spill light that is visible on properties close to the sporting facility

Technology driven lighting


Explore some of the Dark Licht features

1. Open Luminaire Design

The Dark Licht high pressure 7mm thick aluminium casting was designed specifically to produce a “thermal chimney” effect and dramatically improve cooling. Air is drawn through specific zones in the castings that cool the fitting and improve light output and reliability.

2. Low Wind Rating

The Dark Licht has a very narrow profile and reduced “sail area”. The smaller size and lower wind rating reduces pole costs on new installations.

3. Dark Licht Patented Modules

The Dark Licht has 5 ground breaking features:

  1. Unique Highly Efficient Reflector System℗
  2. Unique adjustable forward light distribution full cut-off℗ from 57º to 70º
  3. Unique Modular Rotating Reflectors℗
  4. Unique Glare Free Optic℗
  5. Unique capability to tilt the fitting 15º above horizontal and produce Full Cut-Off. This increases the forward full cut-off range from 57º <> 70º to 72º <> 85º.

Those features are unique due to the fact there is not a single light which could match those specifications.

4. High Efficient LED's

The Dark Licht Series comes standard with the highest quality 3 step MacAdam Ellispe 5,000k LED’s and is available with different light color if specified.

5. Mounting Bracket

Universal mounting bracket, fits most standardised poles and got the option to mount the luminaire under swing.

6. Driver Box

The external pressure cast aluminium driver box can be attached on the back of the Dark Licht. The external box could also be placed on the bottom of the pole or elsewhere.

7. Light Angle Adjustment

The Dark Licht Series is designed to face downwards in the horizontal position. The low brightness and sharp cut off the optical systems allows the Dark Licht to be tilted up 15º above horizontal and still provide full cut-off at 90º.

8. Efficient Thermal Managment

  • Passive thermal cooling management
  • Active thermal control system
  • Optimal airflow due to open space between lights
  • Improves lumen performance and reliability

9. Junction Box

  • Simply connect all cables inside J-Box
  • Fitted with an breather
  • All cables and glands are protected by a shield

Dark Licht scalable lighting platform for any project

Dark Licht video demonstration

In times of Corona we can not always easily come by to show you our products. What we can do is organize a video meeting for you and / or your customers. During this video meeting we can tell you everything about the Dark Light, demo the product to you and answer all your questions.

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